Chicken with cabbage is a traditional Bulgarian dish. Simple and rustic, it is hard to find even in traditional taverns probably because restaurant chiefs consider it not sufficiently presentable.  Nevertheless it is very delicious and easy to prepare.

I will always remember the taste of this dish prepared by my grandmother.  I learn how she cooked it while helping her prepare the handpicked cabbage and the chicken.  Under the traditional technology, the cabbage is first sweated with tomatoes in vegetable oil for twenty minutes at low heat.   It is then transferred to a roasting pan covered with the chicken portions. The ingredients are baked in oven for about an hour at 180 C (350F) degrees. The traditional seasoning is dry savory and paprika powder. I like to use this method. But when I am in hurry, I modify the recipe to ... (see the whole article)

Monday, October 26,2009
published at 11:40


1 kg melon;
juice from ½ lime;
1 tbsp fresh lime zest;
4 tbsp ahorn sirup or honey;
2/3 c Muscovado sugar;
2/3 c water;
2-3 berries allspice;
1 stick cinnamon bark;
2-3 cardamom pods;
2/3 c backed and grated hazelnuts

Puree the melon with lime zest and juice in food processor.
Freeze in ice-cream maker.
Dissolve sugar in water and add the spices.
Cook gently for 30 min. and let cool.
Remove the spices and fold in the hazelnuts.
Serve with the ice cream.

Wednesday, August 12,2009
published at 18:03

500 g strawberries;
3 tbsp Mascarpone cheese;
1-2 tbsp balsamic vinegar;
marjoram leaves.

Wash the strawberries and half them.
Mix the cheese with the vinegar and pipe it over the strawberries.
Place them on the plate and decorate with marjoram.

 Wine: fresh, fruity rose

Tuesday, June 09,2009
published at 22:09
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