1 cup red lentils;
3 garlic cloves;
1 carrot, sliced;
1 tbsp grated fresh root ginger;
1/2 tsp ground turmeric;
1/2 tsp dried fenugreek leaves.

2 tbsp sesame oil;
2 onions, sliced;
1/2 tsp mustard seeds;
1/2 tsp dill seeds;
1/2 tsp onion seeds;
1/2 tsp caraway seeds;
2 dried (hot) peppers;
2 tomatos, peeled and sliced or 250 g tomato sauce/puree

Put all soup ingredient in 6 cups boiling water.
Cook for 15 min.
Heat the oil in a pan and add all seeds.
Mix well and add the onion and salt.
Cover and saute for 5 min.
Add the tomato and cook for 10 min.
With a blender process the soup until smooth.
Serve with 1-2 tbsp tarka on the top.



Thursday, April 18,2013
published at 12:04

450 g (16 oz) dried plums 35% humidity;
100 g
(3,5 oz) walnuts;
2 tablespoons sesame meal;
1 tablespoon flax meal;
½ teaspoon cinnamon;
½ teaspoon
grounded coriander seeds;
¼ teaspoon nutmeg;
1 grounded Tonka bean;

1 tablespoon rose water;
2 tablespoons coconut oil;
60 g
(2 oz) coconut flakes.

Proces nuts and plums with food processor.
Add rose water, spices and flour.
Warm coconut oil slightly and add to the plums.
Form small balls and roll in coconut flakes.
Leave in the refrigerator for 1 hour before serving.


Wednesday, May 26,2010
published at 09:57


200 ml (3/4 c) coconut milk 60%;
15 ml (1 tbsp) rice vinegar;
50 ml (3 tbsp) coconut oil (at >25 ºС /77F) or grape seed oil;
60 ml (1/4 c) sugar beet syrup;
30 ml (2 tbsp) homemade vanilla extract;
40 g (1/4 c) hemp flour;
20 g (1/4 c) carob flour;
60 g (1/2 c) corn flour;
80 g (1/2 c) rice flour;
1 tsp baking powder;
½ tsp cinnamon;
½ tsp ground coriander seeds
50g raw cashew nuts.

Combine milk, vinegar, oil, syrup and vanilla.
Add the flours, baking powder and spices.
Mix well and pour the batter in muffin moulds.
Put a cashew nut in each mould.
Bake at 210ºС (410F) 15-20 minutes.

* gluten free and vegan

Thursday, April 29,2010
published at 16:09
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